Thursday, June 20, 2013

Good days.

Amidst the fact that the weather was being one notch above depressing, today turned out greater than I actually expected it to be. Good company never lets you down, people.

With my my 4:20 PM class far from happening, I decided to meet up with my two dear friends Pam and Paulina after I spent an excruciatingly awkward 30 minutes doing ice breakers for Lasallian frosh retreaters last lunchtime.

Pammy was such a darling to take photographs of. It was so nice catching up with her after such a long time of not seeing each other. ♥ We ate at this place called Food Channel--man, did the Shawarma stench stick to your clothes though.  

After Pammy left for her 2:40 PM class, I met up with Paulina at Cafe De Seoul, a cafe crazy enough to install Samsung Galaxy Tabs into all their tables (quuuurl, u cray). Anyway, Pau and I sat for a while discussing future plans, and I swear I got too excited when she revealed her new business plans. You guys should wait for it! I'll be posting updates here soon.

Naturally, Pau loved getting her picture taken. I literally have 50 consecutive shots of her in my camera (haha). I'd love to post them all, but my blog would explode.

The overall vibe of this day was just wonderful, and I couldn't feel more blessed.

Oh, and this is me trying to pose like Karla Deras (She's too fantastic, my God).

Stay gorgeous, darlings! Wishing you great days like this one. xx

Sammie ♥

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