Wednesday, June 26, 2013


Today was one of those perfectly good days. With Karissa finally visiting and me skipping class for a free day (haha), I can pretty much say that today was more than just satisfactory.
And look! I wore my glasses today, yaaay! For some reason I had terrible eye-bags this morning, so I needed something to cover them up. Make-up just wasn't doing the trick for me today.
Anyway, Paulina, Karissa and I met up at Papa John's anticipating that we'd be 6 all in all today. Sadly the rest couldn't make it, so we had to make a French exit and go somewhere cheaper (plus, the combo meal would be too much for our bellies haha). We felt awful afterwards though, since it seemed like we only went inside to take pictures. FREELOADERS! Kidding. 
Shaula followed afterwards...
 -- with her minion! ♥ I wanted to get one so bad, but apparently McDonald's sold out in just a few hours after the day began. Damn.
 And to cap off a perfectly good lunch date, we took a group selfie since the photo the waitress took was a bit blurry (awww man).
We tried, we tried.

How was your day, darling? xx 

Sammie ♥


  1. Love these fun photos! Thanks for sharing! Xo, M&K at