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So I decided that 2013 would be my year, and I am so excited about everything that has already been happening. For the past months, I've already been blessed with a multitude of different opportunities, and I am not going to let that streak end any time soon. It's all about moving forward, doing what makes you happy and finding out what works for you!

Recently, I got around to making my list of goals for 2013 thanks to this wonderful goal-setting series by Lara Casey. Aside from the PSI seminar I took last April (I highly recommend that you guys take it as well!), Lara's articles also helped me a lot in terms of setting my goals straight--making them specific, attainable and just right for me. I now have around 8 very specific goals written in my journal that I am fully determined on achieving by the time the last week of December comes along.

Now I won't be going into detail about the goals I've made for this year. I will, however, reveal how I managed to reach one of my top goals last year and how I am now pushing myself to go further and achieve more.

This is me...well, was me--a solid 220 pounds of fabulosity (haha). 

I've always been big. For as long as I can remember I was always the 'big' girl in class, whether it be in terms of height or weight. Diet and exercise were two of my most hated words, and I did everything I could to avoid them. Sure, I got my fair share of teasing and harsh comments about how I looked, but I never really did mind them. I was smart and I excelled in many different things, and losing weight was the least of my priorities. I was living life with no boundaries at all--I ate anything I wanted, did anything I pleased with absolutely no regrets afterwards.

One day though, things changed. I looked at myself in the mirror and sighed. My belly was all over the place, my clothes didn't look good on me, and my double chin was taking over my neck. It was at this very moment when I decided "Hey, I love my body and how I look, but I could be healthier!" So I made a list--a list of goals I was determined to achieve by the end of the year. Number 1 on that list? Go from 220 to 150 pounds. 

It wasn't easy, let me you. The journey was long and tiring. After all, losing 70 pounds isn't a walk in the park (maybe more of a jog...100 times around it). There were times when I would just sit down after a workout, completely exhausted and hungry, wishing I could just eat a bag of Cheetos and cry while doing so. It was very hard, and it took more than just willpower to keep going.

But that's the thing, you see. You cannot just quit mid-way. You can't half-ass your way to a decent weight loss, because that's just what you'll get: a half-assed body.

Now, to reach a goal requires a series of steps. In my weight-loss journey, I had to follow a number of things in order for my goal to happen. People constantly ask me how I managed to lose all that weight in a year, and I believe now's the proper time to share some of the things that helped me succeed.

*Take note that these are the things that personally worked for me. 


In fulfilling a goal, in my case a huge weight decrease, shortcuts don't exist. For me, I had to do it the old-fashioned way:  proper diet and constant exercise.

I ate small meals every 3 hours, lessened my intake of sweets and carbohydrates, and loaded up on vegetables and fruits. Why eat a cupcake if you could eat a fruit platter with the same amount of sweetness, right? Before you say anything though, take note that I only used the word "lessened", meaning I did not deprive myself of some chocolate or a slice of pizza every once in a while.

I also worked out religiously, starting with a deadly "every-other-day" gym routine to jump-start my body with the idea that it has to keep moving. I would go on the elliptical machine for an hour, then switch to 30 minutes of weights afterwards. When I finally saw that my weight was improving, I slowly went from exercising every other day to merely twice a week, then eventually to once a week when my body started to get its own mojo on burning calories.

There was really no other easy way to do it. Life has no shortcuts, people. You have to work hard to get what you want, and that's exactly what I did.


In achieving your goals, determination and discipline are key elements that will surely help you in reaching your success. In the case of losing weight, it's all about control. You have complete control of your mind and body. 

You may not actually be hungry, maybe you're just craving for something. Drink water.
You may not actually be that tired. Don't decrease your treadmill time from 30 minutes to 15 just yet. Take note that the body can do it--it's the mind part that's tricky.

For me, it was about controlling how I think. 1 hour on the elliptical is hell--10 minutes in, my mind starts telling me to quit since it's not used to being that tired. However, I disregard that thought immediately and focus on other things. Next thing I know, 1 hour's up and I'm done for the day.

You have all the control. Use it.


Why is that goal important to you? What will you get out of it?

What I learned from Lara Casey's article is that sometimes, a goal as simple as "Lose 5 pounds" can't really stand on its own. There has to be a reason by doing so would mean so much to you. In my case, going from 220 to 150 pounds would not only make me healthier, it would also boost my self-esteem, make clothes shopping easier for me, as well as make certain tasks easier to do. These kept me motivated to go through all that hell just to achieve my goal, because I knew I would get a lot out of it once I'm done. I constantly kept myself inspired by visualizing how life would be like once I've reached the magic number. I envisioned a healthier lifestyle, as well as a more pleasing wardrobe! (Okay, that may have been a bit shallow, but you have to admit that it's hard to wear the clothes you want if they don't carry your size)

Find something that inspires you...something that will keep inspiring you.


A goal exists for the purpose of making you happy, right? Why not prolong that happiness by brainstorming on other ways to reinvent what you have just reached?

In my case, things didn't stop after reaching 150 pounds. I made another goal right after: to maintain that, or maybe even go lower to improve how I look. According to the BMI scale, 130-160 pounds is the proper weight-range for my height. Now that I'm 150, I could aim for a lower goal like 140. For now, it's not just about being healthy, it's about being my healthiest. 

Make room for sustainability and reinvention.

Me with my partner in crime, Mia ♥

In the end, the sacrifice would be worth it. With that, I wish you all the best of luck in achieving your own goals. Here's to all the happiness the world can offer you.

Sammie ♥

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